Call Me Buddha

I am not the type of person to stand up for myself, most would call me a follower. I usually just go with the flow and see what happens. However, today I had an epiphany. I drank a cappuccino in record timing and was instantly wired.

Everything that had been scrambled around in my head for months finally made sense! I usually just sit, observe, and agree with whatever is said or asked of me but most of the time I never agree but I am also not a huge fan of confrontation. People talk about all the things they do in their free time and all the extra talents they have and most of the time I sit here and I am like “Well damn what the hell can I do!” I usually think nothing but today I realized everyone is just going about life looking for approval. We deal with shitty friends, shitty relationships, and shitty situations because we are scared of having nothing. I have decided we all just need to do shit and stop waiting around.

Let’s face it we are all getting old and running out of time. As sad as it is, if we died tomorrow have you done everything you wanted? Met everyone you wanted to meet? Saw everything you wanted to see? My guess would be no. So it is time to stop making excuses.

I was sitting in some stupid lecture so naturally I texted my mom (for those of you who do not know she is awesome and I love her) and vented all of this to her and told her we needed to book a trip. All she said was she liked this attitude but little does she know I am one hundred percent serious…


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