Bubbly About Bubbles

I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy and currently know about five words in Italian and chances of me learning more, are about slim to none. Most of the time, people can understand what you are trying to get across and other times it is just amusing trying to communicate something simple to someone who has no clue what you are saying.

I was talking with one of my friends today about bubbles and realized I have been living in one for almost two months now. When your walking down the street just listening, you really have no idea what is going on. You are completely unaware! It is kind of scary to think about but at the same time it is nice. You are not judging someone else’s conversation or even eavesdropping, because you literally have no clue what they are saying you are just floating around in your own little bubble. (If you are with friends though you have to be careful because most of the time, the know what your talking about.)

I like to talk. A LOT! Ask anyone. I went to Germany for a couple of weeks to visit some long distant relatives and I do not think I have been more quiet in my whole life. Not knowing what was going on was my least part of that trip. However, for this trip I think it is my favorite. Like why wouldn’t you be happy about bubbles… Bubbles, bubble baths, bubble gum… and if you say “bubbles” with an accent it is really fun! (I know you just tried it too.)


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