Athens Happened

Athens was not was I was picturing… we arrived very early in the morning and our hostel room was the only one that was not ready. They gave us a very small room to sleep in for the meantime and later my two friends shared a room while I had my own room. Lucky me right?
In the morning I took a shower in the smallest shower the world has ever seen. We walked around with the other people in our group and made a quick stop at a Starbucks and then made our way up to the acropolis! It was amazing to see architecture that has been there for thousands of years! Marble was everywhere and quit slippery and the wind that day did not help much… (I wore a dress and sandals. This was not the move!)
We took so many picture too. My best friend got a Polaroid camera for Christmas and has taken one in very city we have visited and let us take on in front of the Parthenon with it!
After, we did some serious shopping! I bought gifts for my friends and family and obviously myself! We stopped at a gyro place and had once again, more amazing food. Later we came back to relax and get ready for a group dinner.
So this group dinner… I will keep it short for you. BEST FOOD EVER. And all you can drink wine. The people who worked at this place were so sweet as well! I would go back to Athens specifically to eat there again. After we ate we had several free shots and danced for awhile before heading back being that we had to wake up in 4 hours to get on another boat.
We all woke up drunk and made the boat in time so I would say Athens was a success.
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