Is this real life?

Our trip started with a shitty bus ride with annoying girls who didn’t know where Greece was located. Then we got on a boat with hardly any food but got an “American hot dog” that was a hot dog and a hole lotta bread! We played cards for a long time until the music started bumping. Then we danced our asses off! Well my friends did… I’m not coordinated like that… sleeping on that boat was awful though we sprawled out over two seats and listened to a baby cry all night in a freezing cold room.
On the bright side… we are officially in Greece! The water is so blue and we already saw a ton of dolphins! I found these cookies that are just like chips ahoy and I almost cried!
We sat on the upper deck on our way to Corfu just enjoying the view.
Corfu is beautiful!
We stayed at the Pink Palace and this place is actually the Greece version of Vegas. The first day we checked in showered and headed straight to the beach. They advertised it being ” right in front of the hotel.” Well they were not kidding it was right in front after you walked 20 mins down a huge hill. (There were 121 stairs included in the walk. If I’m not in shape after this trip, send help.) But it was amazing… lots of rocks. We just laid and relaxed. Then we had dinner and let me tell you, Greek food is the only food you should be eating. Literally melted my heart. After we went to a beach party that was crazy! All these sailors who work on the other side of the island showed up and they were on another level! We danced on the tables and had an amazing time!
We woke up early the next day to sign up for a trip that was unfortunately cancelled but we tried to make the most out of the day by playing cards and laying on the beach. That night there was a pink toga party. And let me tell you pink is definitely my color because I killed it in that toga! A quick random side note they smashed plates on our heads and I don’t know if that’s like a traditional Greek thing but that shit hurt and was awesome at the same time!
On our last day we got up early once again (not really sure why that’s a reoccurring thing). We went ATVing all over the island! It was beautiful and such an adrenaline rush! My dad always tells me I have a lead foot but these hands are made of lead too. And if anyone can rock a farmers tan/burn it is definitely me.
Now I am on a bus with far to many people on my way to Athens so I guess I can’t really complain about how uncomfortable I am.
My favorite part was honestly the stray dogs they were everywhere and kinda dirty but also adorable so its fine. Right?

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