Surprise! I’m back. Life has been chaotic! Not a bad thing at all but, I have noticed I’ve been making lots of lists. I always have. What can I say I like my life to be organized even though it’s not most of the time. I like my lists and post it’s covering my planner. I think I would die if I ever left my room without my planner to be honest.
I list literally everything. Things I actually need to do. Things I want to do. Things I need to buy. Things I want to save up for. Funny things my boyfriend says. Things that are easy to cross off. I do it because I like being productive. I feel like everyone should, your instantly relieved of stress and who doesn’t love not being stressed!
Anywho… life has been crazy and I’m going through one of those phases we all have where we want to do everything and anything that we don’t have time for because real life continues to get in the way. Well, I am putting my foot down and I am actually going to start doing those things on the “Things I want to do” list. We all have one of these lists whether it’s written down or buried in your head. It’s the list with your goals in life that you continually put aside even though you know if you would just do even one thing you  would be so much more content with yourself. Do you know which one I’m talking about yet? Well, regardless I’m doing them! Even if it is just one, I’m doing it because I know they are the things I won’t regret and the things I will remember in my happiness in years to come. I challenge you all to do the same.
Comment below which thing (or things!) on your “Things I want to do” list you plan on doing this week!

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